Why Is It Important to Have Warranties on Your Custom Home?

After investing serious time and money into your custom home, the last thing you want to do is fork over more resources to cover a mistake, repair, or replacement. Of course, you purchase your custom home with an expectation of excellence, but, unfortunately, there are some cases in which either builder error or product defect comes [...]

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The Best Time of Year to Buy New Construction

Most everyone knows the spring and summer are peak seasons for the real estate industry, but from a buyer’s perspective, there’s actually a better time of year to keep in mind. For those looking to take advantage of new construction, the best time to buy is just around the corner.  […]

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ROI and Building vs. Remodeling

You’ve come to a fork in the road: should you build a new home or remodel your existing one? When deciding which direction to take, asking yourself some key questions will help you make the best choice. Consider these factors before moving forward with a remodel or designing an entirely new custom home. […]

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