Stratford Customized Modular Homes

Homes by Brill is proud to be an authorized Stratford Homes partner. This allows us to bring Stratford’s economical housing concept to more families in Des Moines and the surrounding areas while ensuring the highest quality construction and management through each home build process.

What Is a Modular Home?

A modular home is one that is constructed in a warehouse rather than on site at a homeowner’s property. Depending on its size and complexity, the home is usually constructed in multiple pieces, like building blocks. These pieces are then transported to your property, where they are professionally installed and assembled by Des Moines home builders on a permanent foundation. Modular homes are also called system-built, factory-built, or prefabricated (“prefab”) homes.

Why Go Modular?

  • Speed: One of the biggest advantages of modular homes is that they can be fully constructed in 60 days! The time from beginning the design process to stepping through the front door of your family’s new home can be as little as two months. If you want a new home quickly, a customized modular home is a great choice.
  • Cost: Building modular homes at Stratford’s factory locations lets the company save money by maximizing construction efficiency. It prevents delays and extra expenses due to unexpected or uncontrollable on-site factors and allows them to order and store materials in bulk (taking advantage of quantity discounts), use assembly-line construction methods, and retain full-time professional employees. A faster home build also cuts overall costs because it reduces the time that homeowners are carrying the cost of two residences!
  • Flexibility: Since modular homes are constructed indoors, the weather or time of year is never a factor. There is no worry about a shortage of available skilled construction workers or tradespeople, no need to avoid seasonally rainy or snowy months, no concern for impending or threatened storms, and no difficulty in finding local suppliers of products.
  • Design: You have as many choices when designing a modular home as a site-built home! Browse Stratford’s gallery of suggestions and floor plans for some design inspirations. Stratford Homes has 60 home plans and designs to choose from, which you can build off the rack or modify to create your ideal home. Their expert architectural and design team will help you customize your home to create the perfect floor plan and style for your family, with multi-level and ranch options in contemporary and traditional styles.

Stratford: A Tradition of Excellence

Stratford Homes has been building exceptional quality custom modular homes since 1973. Their mission is to deliver quality and savings to each homebuilder through construction efficiency. Each modern Stratford Home offers superior value, attractive styling, comfortable living space, and energy efficient features. The company has built nearly 12,000 customized modular homes and buildings throughout the U.S. and Canada, each one carefully crafted using the latest knowledge, methods, and materials. Stratford’s homes are every bit as durable, safe, and structurally sound as traditional homes built fully on site.

How Does the Stratford Process Work?

Once you decide on a design for your home, Stratford builds each structure in its Rathdrum, Idaho, manufacturing facility, just like it would be constructed on its permanent foundation. Each step of the manufacturing process is closely controlled under ideal conditions, and both in-house and third-party inspectors perform rigorous testing to ensure the structure meets stringent building code requirements. Once the build is complete, the home is partially dissembled and shipped to its destination.

What Role Will Homes by Brill Play?

Homes by Brill will work with customers in the Des Moines metro area to find land, arrange financing, and plan for their new Stratford Home. Once it arrives from the factory, Homes by Brill is the general contractor (GC) for the project, coordinating and managing the entire installation process from permits to punch list. The GC is responsible for coordinating the on-site aspects of the home building process, including permits, excavation, foundation, finish carpentry, HVAC, and garage construction. This ensures that each Stratford home is built with the same high level of quality as our other on-site builds.

Homes by Brill is excited to partner with Stratford Homes! If you are ready to begin the process of building your own custom home and are interested in learning more about what Stratford has to offer, or if you’re thinking about designing your own home, contact Homes by Brill home builders in Des Moines, Iowa. We’ll help you design and build the perfect home for your family.

Rustic Stratford Home
Stratford Home Interior
Stratford Home Interior

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