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Custom Built Dynamic Homes

Homes by Brill is glad to partner with Dynamic Homes, a premier provider of system-built custom homes. The quality of these modular homes far exceeds the standards in home building today.

When you hear the word “modular,” you may instantly think of the 1970s mobile home and instantly rule it out as a viable option. It is a common misconception that modular homes are the same as mobile homes. However, “modular” merely means the home is constructed in a warehouse, typically in multiple pieces, rather than on site. The pieces are then transported to the property and assembled on a permanent foundation.

Dynamic Homes builds solid houses with superior construction that are weather-tight, environmentally friendly, and Energy Star rated. Our homes are built with 14% more lumber than stick-built homes; the shingles come with a 30-year warranty; and the doors and windows are highly energy efficient.

Learn more about modular homes and their many benefits.

Modular Building Systems

Dynamic Homes has been building custom, system-built homes throughout the upper Midwest since 1970. By partnering with them, Homes by Brill can take almost any stick-built home model and build a modular version of the same house for you in less time. It only takes us approximately 60 days to get a home built and ready for you to move in after it arrives on site, while stick-building a home takes around 6 months.

Custom Floor Plans

While you have the option to choose an already-existing floor plan, keep in mind that nearly 90% of the homes that Dynamic Homes builds are custom. You can choose from over 1,000 existing floor plans in the Dynamic Gallery and tweak your design from there, or you can start with your very own idea, and we can design a floor plan that meets your unique specifications.

The design possibilities are virtually endless! Don’t forget that you can also customize the design of your kitchen, bathrooms, fireplace, and more—all in one place and at your convenience.

Homes by Brill is excited to partner with Dynamic Homes to offer customers even more custom building options. If you’re interested in a modular home or have any questions or concerns, reach out to us anytime. We would love to help you build the home of your dreams in the Des Moines area!

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